We shall act as a funnel to channelize resources of private organizations & individuals who wish to contribute towards the development of education eco-system to improve quality in education in a transparent and systematic manner.

We shall extensively leverage successful programs in education sector undertaken by other districts across the country and those implemented by the private sector. The council shall adapt these programs to the local context to maximize impact.

We shall bring in fresh and unconstrained approach to problem solving. This, when combined with the experience of the district administration, shall result in best-in-class initiative / programs for the district.

We shall leverage experience professionals from the education sector by setting up an in-house project management unit to manage the council effectively as well as ensuring effective (time bound & result oriented) execution of projects on ground.

We shall adopt schools in the district for a period of 1 – 5 years in order to nurture and improve the quality of education sustainably and holistically in these schools by making them “Model Schools”.