Administrative Team

Faridabad Educational Council shall serve as the backbone for the broad collective impact effort in the education eco-system in Faridabad. It shall be driven by a Steering Team of about 7 – 9 members who shall be responsible for overall strategic direction and organization development. Administration of the council shall be overseen by a 15 – 20 persons Governing Council consisting of prominent educationists, retired government officials, civil society representatives, entrepreneurs and business leaders. Governing Council shall monitor data, make decisions, endorse and advocate the council’s work, and also provide some funding for initiative partners. Tenure of the governing council members shall be up to 2 years and can be extended by the steering team and the patron group upon mutual consensus. The operations of the Faridabad Education Council shall be managed by a Project Management Unit (PMU) comprising of 3 – 5 high quality development professionals with extensive experience of facilitating development programs at the district level in education domain. These professionals may also be provided by an external consulting organization with an expertise in education sector. The unit shall be supported by local full-time staff directly on the payrolls of the council. Appointment of the PMU will be done through a diligent and a transparent selection procedure. Steering committee and the patron group shall reserve the final right to select the Project Management Unit. PMU shall work closely with the governing council, think tank, donors and project partners but shall report to the steering team & patron group. Tenure of PMU shall be 3 years and may be extended by the steering council.

Responsibilities of the Project Management Unit:

  • Identifying the gaps in education eco-system in a scientific manner
  • Identify new innovative projects that can be undertaken to fill the gaps
  • Identifying & recruiting best-in-class implementing agencies to implement projects in the district
  • Put up proposals in Governing Council meetings & take approvals for specific initiatives
  • Coordinate with the district administration for smooth execution of approved projects
  • Coordinate, monitor & review the work done by the implementing agencies
  • Documentation and information management of the work done by the council
  • Maintaining records & accounts required for legal compliance
  • Setting up the council website & dashboard for transparency and accountability
  • Support the Governing Council in raising additional funding