Project Team

Faridabad Education Council shall be raising funds from various Donors like CSR, grants and philanthropy in order to sustain the organization as well as to run projects on ground. These donors shall be in forms of organizations only as independent donors shall have an option of donating money to the dedicated citizen’s fund in the council. Each donor agency shall be a part of the extended governing council and shall have a vote in matters related to the projects and project partners. Faridabad Education Council shall collaborate with leading organizations across country as Project Partners in order to implement the projects on ground. One nominated representative from each project partner shall by default be a part of the think tank.

The council shall also have Honorary Members from government, administration, academia, corporate, industries and development sector. Honorary members shall not have voting rights and shall be in advisory capacity only. The honorary members may or may not contribute financially to the council. The final right of including new honorary members to the council shall be reserved by the patron group and the steering team.